Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Marketing automation allows you to communicate with prospects and customers based on their time frame instead of yours. Email ‘blasts’ or broadcasts happen when you make them happen. They arrive at inboxes when you send them, no matter that current situation of your prospect.

Marketing automation allows you to setup a schedule based on interactions with prospects. For example, if someone does something on your website it can trigger a sequence of communications to the prospect. Since they essentially initiated the communication by coming to your website, they are much more responsive to any messages you send.

Big picture: Marketing automation allows you to communicate based on a predetermined plan that is not dependent on your doing something. You can be working with other customers, planning for new products, spending time with your family or whatever else is of value to you. Your automation is working 24/7 to engage with prospects.

Networking is a great way to develop relationships. Most business owners know they should be networking more or better.  We have some resources that will help.  First is our Worksheet.  We also have a few video training programs here.  Click here to access Don Bishop’s calendar and set up a strategy session [}]

Growing your business is essential.  While businesses are somewhat unique, there are lots of strategies and tactics to grow.  The first step we recommend is taking action.  That sounds simplistic but you would be surprised how many business owners waste lots and lots of time deciding what to do or trying to learn the latest technique from some marketing guru.